Decoding Male Dating Behavior

Body language is generally referred as the non-verbal language of the dating game. You must be familiar with the term body language as it plays a significant role in making or breaking a successful date. This article will help you to ascertain male dating behavior and relationship habits. Girls and guys both display signals through non-verbal medium but you need to interpret them successfully to be one step ahead in the dating game. Guys in relationships exhibit following traits on their first date but once you have a clear understanding of what a male needs your initial sojourn will be a breeze.

1. Eye contact is considered as one of the easiest aspect of body language. Let’s suppose that you are sitting with your guy at a coffee shop. Closely, notice the way he looks at you, when both of you are involved in an interaction. He may be sipping the coffee, but if his eyes are firmly fixed on you then he is comfortable and interested in you. Thereafter, he will persistently get involved with you. He also indirectly signals that he will be honest and sincere with you.

On the other hand, if the guy looks more interested and engrossed in his coffee or any other thing around him or looks around here and there frequently, then there is only one inference: he is not serious about you and is feeling uncomfortable in your presence.

Finally, the only silver lining is that your guy should turn out to be a shy person. And you continue to hope, but the chances are very rare. If this is your first date, then you can be sure that the chapter is closed.

2. If you happen to go out on a date with a guy who always has a pre-occupied mind, then the things get all the more difficult. He will keep adjusting his body and look at his watch to check if he is running out of time. Although, he is sitting right in front of you his mind is drifting somewhere else. Guys on dates with such typical behavior is a sure sign of lack of interest, or a mind fully pre-occupied with that Hollywood diva. Someone, or something else, is on his mind but one thing is sure that it is definitely not you.

3. Silence is deafening as it is capable of speaking thousand words. You want your guy to shower praises upon you. But he has very little to say about you. Whenever you are talking, he is simply listening. Perhaps he may be of the perception that you will not appreciate hearing what he is thinking? But the fact is, you are of very little interest to him.

However, it will be totally opposite if he persistently keeps up with you in joining the interaction. Sometimes he will nod his head, agree and believe anything you say. He will laugh at your jokes, even if they are dry. He will start to ask more private questions about you, such as your sleeping habits. It is a clear sign that you are halfway there.

4. Guys on dates often have tensed-up body posture then you can clearly draw an inference that it will be a lonely journey back home.