Free VIP account for all registered users in kovla


In the present days the kovla has offer free VIP account for all registered users to enjoy innovative features and video chat. The kovla is a unique dating website that provides free and paid services to users for finding better partner to dating. The VIP account is a new option to the members that allow them to make video chat and sending messages free without wasting money. The option that available in kovla is karma points that helps user to exchange kovla credits between two members and know more details by visit here

When people use kovla website they can share images, videos, rating pictures and inviting friends to become a part of kovla. For all these actions the user gets karma points and exchange credit cards for using paid services. The main benefits of using VIP account is to allow user to add extra services and use many options like advanced search, voting features, status of message, hide profile and online presence of user and many more. If people need to use karma points then need to pay and it is much expensive to use.

Today kovla became a best and amazing dating platform among youngsters that make them to expose their true love to someone via online. When you use kovla website you feel very exciting because it can update new innovative ideas and gives useful dating tips to the users to get best online dating rate on the market. It also allow user to perform face to face communication by using video chat and provide all these services in an easier and safer way. Therefore kovla is a best dating platform that offers unique features and new advanced services to the user so it becomes a fast growing dating website among the people. Now kovla is also applicable for IOS users and android application users as well.