The truth about penis size and enlargement


Several products are available online that claims to make men bigger and longer. These are scams and some may be dangerous. Most of the companies wish making quick bucks through men who have been looking for ways to improve the sexual performance. Pills are not ideal for men to address this issue. Bigger penis size is not inevitably better. Size of penis is an overrated and outdated way for rating the sexual abilities of men. The doctors said that the hardness rate the ability and not the size. The average length is around 3 to 5 inches when it is not erected. During erection it can extend up to 7 inches long. There are some natural ways for men who want it bigger. Visit to know more about natural ways of penis enlargement. This website acts as online guide for men and clear off their doubts.

Dropping some pounds is one of the safest, cheapest and healthy ways for growing the penis bigger. When men have excess body weight it can make their sexual organ appear shorter by retracting it into the abdomen. The general rule is the padding obscures an inch for each 35 pounds of extra weight. Supplements may seem to be an attractive solution for men to sexual woes due to its affordability. The drawback of these supplements is the herbal ingredients are largely unregulated. There are some reasons in men why it is smaller. Hormone problems and genetic factors can also cause a condition named micropenis. Even prostate cancer surgery and peyronie’s disease can also reduce the size. Majority of men who are least satisfied with their penis size have undergone surgery to enlarge it. The best option for every man is to talking with the doctor. The doctor may let them know about the truth of enlarging the size.